How do you feel with traveling again on your period, with your period underwear?

Traveling has been put to an indefinite halt since the breakthrough of the global pandemic. Borders have shut down access to their own country, and public spaces were limited to only a few necessary people. Everyone else was encouraged to stay in their respective homes to prevent the further spread of the virus. 

Now that the world is slowly coming to terms with the pandemic, the world is slowly shifting back to what used to be our normal setting. Businesses are regaining their strength, and people are once again out in the sun and basking in the heat and refreshing breeze. 

Now that traveling is a thing again, there are no promises that your monthly visitor won’t join you for your trip. So here are essential things to pack when traveling with your period, and this is a promise that it won’t be so much of a hassle again!

Rudie Period Underwear

Having that bulk feeling when you are on your period is such a hassle! It kinda ruins your whole OOTD too! With Rudie Period Undies, having that bulky feeling would be a thing of the past! Even on your period, Rudie Period Undies won’t cramp up your style. So, you can go on with your adventures in style!

Rudie Wet Bag

Thinking about how to clean your period undies or where to store them after use? Worry not, Rudie gives you free wet bags for your used period undies! A convenient way to store them somewhere safe in your luggage, and clean them when you have the time. These wet bags will be your best friend that you can easily carry with you wherever part of the globe you go!


Ibuprofen or pain medicines.

Having period cramps is one of the worst things that can happen while you are on your trip. Not only would you feel so much pain, but it can also ruin the mood and the vibe of your whole trip. So don’t forget to pack some pain medicine with you that you can safely take while you are out on an adventure!

Most of all, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the breathtaking view the world has to offer while you are on your trip! Even when your period decides to come along with you, Rudie is here to save your travels from any cramp-ups. 

Bon voyage, pretty girl!