Caring for your Pads

🌱  Cleaning your pads, made simple 🌱


The great thing about your new pads is that yes, they are reusable 😍  but that also means that you are going to need to wash them.

It may seem like a lot of hard work and kinda gross (it isn't, I promise). So we have answered the most commonly answered questions and given you a step by step process below of  the best way to clean them. If you have any other handy tips, please let us know! We would love to share them for everyone to try.

 Should I wash new pads before wearing?

Yes, we recommended you wash your pads once before wearing them for the first time. This will remove any fluff or extra fabric that may be left on the pad and will enhance the fabric’s absorbency. 

Isn’t washing cloth pads an awful lot of work?

Washing reusable pads is as simple as cleaning any other items of clothing. Washing pads might seem a little weird or gross at first, but after the first time you will realise how easy it really is. You can clean your pads in your washing machine, or you can do so by hand.

When should I wash the pads?

You can wash them whenever is the most convenient for you. You can wash the pads during your cycle as you go, or you can soak & wash all at once at the end. 

Can you put cloth pads in the dryer?

We would advise to let them dry on a line or a clothes horse, but you can put them in the dryer, just use a low heat. 

What are other ways I can dry my cloth pads?

Air drying is our go to way of drying out our pads. Sunlight can kill any lingering bacteria and help stains fade, but try to avoid leaving your pads in direct sunlight for extended lengths of time. The sun may bleach the pretty designs and colours.

Won’t cloth pads get stained?

When using our white cloth based pads, you may see some staining. However, stains don’t mean that the fabric isn’t clean. Pads that have patterns or darker colors tend to naturally hide stains. If you’re concerned about staining, we would advise adding napisan when soaking or applying stain remover.