Our mission.

Here at Rudie, we’re on a mission to create better products, products that not only have a significant positive impact on the Earth and Environment, but products that can drive changeand improve lives of people around the World.

Waste is cancelled.

Our products

We plan to make Eco-Friendly menstrual pads a fun, exciting experience.We design our EcoPads to cater to all women, using the best organic materials to not only work effectively but to provide maximum comfort .

Make the change today to build a better future for our Earth.We help females reduce waste and save on their periods #periodswithoutplatic


Go organic! Take charge of your wellbeing by eliminating toxin & chemical filled products and
replacing them with an organic alternative.


By eliminating single-use sanitary products, we are making one small step for women, one giant leap for mankind. We aim to not harm nature with our natural flows.


No more period tax. Let’s be frank, it costs too much money to buy single-use sanitary products just to end up in landfill. Together we can save your wallet and the world


Let’s get you as comfy as possible (given the circumstances, of course). Our pads are made from soft organic materials so they will feel better on your skin and fit better with your body so you get on with doing you!

Did you Know?

Over 800 million used sanitary products end up in landfill every year? Pads and tampons are responsible for about 200,000 tonnes of waste per year – most of which contains plastic.

On average, an individual female will use over 150kg’s of Pads and Tampons in their lifetime,
majority of that will end up in the ocean or in landfills. Over the next 50 years, Australian females
will collectively contribute a whopping 1,890,000,000kg’s of useless, wasted, plastics.

fighting period stigma

The simplest action a person can take to end period stigma is to not take part in discussing it vaguely. By speaking about any topic openly, we help to remove the societal rule against discussing it. It's not yucky to talk about your body.

good for your goodies

Do your bod a solid by eliminating toxin & chemical filled products and replacing them with products created with organic materials. This will give you maximum comfort, peace of mind and self-love.